Format change on CNN Tonight

I realize this is the only the first time this has happened (and the second time Alisyn Camerota has co-anchored with Don), but tonight, CNN Tonight made an interesting (and altogether unfortunate) change.  After the first commercial break, Don Lemon was on set, alone, and he conducted an interview, and then teased the next segment before a break.  When they returned from break, it was Alisyn Camerota alone in the anchor chair, conducting an interview.  The same thing occurred a bit later, when Don Lemon threw to a segment with the former RT reporter (this interview, however, was taped in advance).

My thoughts on this… Are you serious?  If you want to throw the other person off set, then have it be separate shows.  After all, we have five hosts of CNN Newsroom (Carol Costello, Brooke Baldwin, Fredricka Whitfield, Christi Paul, Victor Blackwell), and it’s no big deal… So why not have two separate CNN Tonight hosts?  If they don’t want to do that, then that’s fine – just make sure Alisyn and Don are on set at the same time.

As johnnydollar pointed out, they could just get a bigger desk (as I’ve said numerous times!) so it wouldn’t be as difficult for them to sit side-by-side.

Even before they started doing separate segments, though, Don Lemon was dominating the discussion.  They’re supposed to be co-anchoring… they need to act like it.  They seem to have a fair amount of chemistry for just having been thrown together; the chemistry won’t go anywhere if Don becomes the main anchor and Alisyn is just the occasional sidekick.  Even things out.

UPDATE: The second hour of CNN Tonight was much different than the first. No one left the set, and Alisyn and Don cohosted without any problems, and they seemed to flow pretty well together.

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