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The 10 O’Clock Show

As mentioned last night, CNN's newest anchor Alisyn Camerota taped a pilot with New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon, cleverly called The 10 O'Clock Show. Whether anything will come of it remains to be seen; but it does prove one thing - that like I said all along, Chris Cuomo should be in primetime. It seems CNN has conceded the point as well. It also seems that although it seemed Don's position was secure (at last) at 10pm, it's no longer the case - sounds like the ratings-failure known as CNN Tonight may be shelved for something else. With Chris potentially bowing out of New Day, I think that leaves the option for CNN to either a) have John Berman join the crew, or b) finally bring over Morning Express with Robin Meade and re-assign the entire New Day team to new roles.

I think we can expect to see a new show at 10pm the week after August 7th. That is when the Sixties is set to have its finale, which means although the Sixties will probably air at 9pm for years to come, its repeat probably won’t air at 10pm anymore. (At least, it shouldn’t). The 10 O’clock Show will presumably only be Monday through Thursday, with CNN Spotlight and Unguarded with Rachel Nichols occupying that hour on Fridays.


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  1. The Morning Express graphics are old and ugly, so what they should do is bring Robin and her team to CNN and keep the New Day graphics package. Two birds with one stone.

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