Alisyn speculation

What will happen with newly hired anchor Alisyn Camerota? The press release says she will have a “permanent role” in the coming months.

I think there are a few possibilities for her “permanent role”.

First off, she will likely substitute for Kate Bolduan throughout her maternity leave on New Day. One scenario (a likely one) is that she will become the permanent anchor, and Kate Bolduan will get some other role — and maybe return to CNN’s DC bureau as Wolf’s pretty sidekick.

Another possibility is she will start co-hosting Early Start. Whether it will be an all-women’s show (Christine Romans and Alisyn Camerota) or Alisyn and John Berman remain to be seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if John moved to a later slot (afternoon to early evening) soon.

Carol Costello is definitely the weakest link in the weekday lineup. As I mentioned here, it doesn’t seem Carol’s slot is guaranteed completely when she moves to NYC anyway. Maybe this is where we will find her in her permanent role?

Another possibility is giving Alisyn the 11am At This Hour time slot (or that show, even). I don’t see that happening, though, unless John Berman and Michaela Pereira are named the anchors of New Day as a consolation prize. Another possibility (to this possibility) is Michaela Pereira replaces Kate, leaves At This Hour, and Alisyn joins John as the co-host of At This Hour.

The final possibility (all roads lead to New Day for someone) is Brooke Baldwin joins New Day as co-host and Alisyn takes her vacated 2-4pm timeslot.

Either way… Kate Bolduan will be leaving New Day. It’s only a question of who will replace her and what timeslot that will free up for Alisyn.

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  1. Ugh, I hope Brooke Baldwin doesn’t join New Day as co host. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t watch, and I think she is a star at CNN. Best anchor they have PERIOD. Keep her in her time slot. She deserves 2 hours, and without a co host.

    • I agree Brooke is one of the best anchors CNN has – but it’s worth pointing out that although she has two hours now, if she joined New Day, she would have three hours. (Though yes, she would have a cohost)

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