Jane Velez-Mitchell / Dr. Drew Repeat

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Dr. Drew on Call need a repeat.  If I recall correctly, they used to have one (I think!) but it was evidently removed in favor of Forensic Files.  Nancy Grace has her show at 8pm and then a repeat at 2am; there isn’t any real reason not to give JVM and Drew one, as well.  Every other news network (CNN/MSNBC/FOX) starts rebroadcasting their evening newscasts at 11pm.  Considering HLN goes to Forensic Files at 10pm, it would make sense to allow that show to air for a few hours, and then begin the rebroadcasting of HLN’s evening shows.

Forensic Files are what HLN lives for, but there’s no reason they can’t give away two hours (or one, even) and rebroadcast Jane-Velez Mitchell.  JVM could air at 1am, and Nancy Grace could continue to air at 2am as it already does, and Dr. Drew on Call could air at 3am.  However, I understand not rebroadcasting Dr Drew on Call – it’s not as much of a newsy show and it doesn’t do terribly well in the ratings. 

But JVM is a news-related show, and it deserves a repeat.  Come on, HLN.

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