Vinnie Politan is gone

In a very disappointing fashion, Vinnie Politan did his last newscast on HLN. HLN was wall-to-wall with trial coverage, and the only mention of his leaving was in the middle of Vinnie asking Joey Jackson for some analysis. It was short ā€” there weren’t pictures of his best moments, there wasn’t some tearful tribute. In all, it was very disappointing.

Presumably on Monday, they will start the rotation until they settle on a replacement host.

Farewell, Vinnie.

1 reply

  1. They’ve treated Vinnie like crap. They had him anchoring weird shows like “HLN News Now” where he was talking celebrity crap and fluff, then they had him anchoring “Making it in America” which was a show about the economy and businesses, none of which was a good fit for him and his strong suits… and when they put him on something he was great at, they would quickly pull it. HLN After Dark was great, when he was covering court cases he was great. But HLN pulled it.

    Zucker is ruining CNN and Albie Hecht is ruining HLN. Vinnie left a sinking ship.

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