CNN Hong Kong crumbles

With the news that CNN Hong Kong will only have one show soon (News Stream with Kristi Lu Stout), many prominent anchors and correspondents have begun to leave the network.

Earlier in June, Pauline Chiou was the first to leave the crumbling CNN Hong Kong.

She tweeted she was joining CNBC and moving to Singapore:20140703-222335-80615924.jpg

Earlier today, Monita Rajpal, who hosts CNNI’s NewsCenter and Talk Asia, tweeted she, too, would be leaving CNNI. She didn’t say yet where she will be headed. 20140703-222458-80698060.jpg

There are a few others whose fate is unknown in the CNN Hong Kong bureau. Among them is Patricia Wu — what will become of her? She is currently the cohost of CNN Newsroom live from Hong Kong with Andrew Stevens, but that show will be canned soon. In the TVNewser article I linked to above, it states Andrew will remain in Hong Kong and provide his business expertise. No such role was outlined for Patricia. Could she be the next “fatality” on the sinking ship that is CNN Hong Kong? (I personally hope not — I like her!)

It’s also worth pointing out that the production side of HK will be moving to Atlanta, as outlined in the TVNewser article.

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  1. Oh, yeah, it’s crumbling alright. I have been wanting CNN Hong Kong to at least have someone (either Kristie or Anna) fill in on NewsCenter now that Monita is out, but it looks like that isn’t even a possibility. It is so sad to see it fall like this, because I’ve been closely following these lovely people as of late.

    I too hope Patricia doesn’t leave, because she’s also one of my favorites.

    • It doesn’t make sense why Anna Coren isn’t filling in. She’s a fantastic anchor, and she’s in Hong Kong… So she may as well! I wonder what will happen with her; if she’ll stay in HK with Ivan, Kristie and Andrew, or if she will relocate elsewhere.

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