CNN Severe Weather Center

CNN’s Severe Weather Center isn’t really a ‘center’ – it’s just a screen off of Studio 7 in Atlanta.  But with Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello leaving CNN Center, it doesn’t make sense for the Severe Weather Center to stay behind.  It would make sense to split the weather center; basically, CNN Domestic only has three meteorologists: Indra Petersons (who is already in NYC and is the weather anchor for Early Start and New Day and occasionally on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello), Chad Meyers (who is also their severe weather expert) and Jennifer Gray.

Send Chad Meyers to CNN DC.  He is the go-to weather guy, anyway, and his reports are showcased primarily on the DC-based programs (The Lead and the Situation Room), and it would only make sense for him to just be in-studio with them.  Then, move Jennifer Gray to NYC.  Personally, I think they also need to sign either Karen Maginnis or Alexandra Steele to an actual contract instead of having them just freelance and move one (or both) to CNN NYC, as well.  That will leave, off the top of my head, Jenny Harrison, Pedram Javaheri (who will definitely need to stay in Atlanta since he subs for Bob van Dillen on HLN), and Mari Ramos in Atlanta for CNNi.

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