Morning Express continually beats New Day

Throughout the month of June, I have compared the ratings in the demo between New Day and Morning Express. And Robin Meade consistently beat the higher-budget team of Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira.

Let’s compare.

Note: Fox & Friends got first every day this month.  So whatever spot (second, third, or fourth) that isn’t listed between MXP and New Day goes to MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

June 2:

Morning Express – 102,000 (third place)

New Day – 87,000 (fourth place)

June 3:

Morning Express – 107,000 (second place)

New Day – 75,000 (fourth place)

June 4:

Morning Express – 139,000 (second place)

New Day – 73,000 (fourth place)

June 5:

Morning Express – 110,000 (second place)

New Day – 77,000 (fourth place)

June 6:

Morning Express – 89,000 (second place)

New Day – 88,000 (third place)

June 9:

Morning Express – 91,000 (fourth place)

New Day – 118,000 (second place)

June 10:

Morning Express – 84,000 (fourth place)

New Day – 101,000 (second place)

June 11:

Morning Express – 87,000 (fourth place)

New Day – 104,000 (third place)

June 12:

Morning Express – 127,000 (second place)

New Day – 106,000 (third place)

June 13:

Morning Express – 116,000 (second place)

New Day – 83,000 (third place)

June 17:

Morning Express – 124,000 (second place)

New Day – 49,000 (fourth place)

June 18:

Morning Express – 81,000 (third place)

New Day – 99,000 (second place)

June 19:

Morning Express – 133,000 (second place)

New Day – 98,000 (fourth place)

June 20:

Morning Express – 78,000 (second place)

New Day – 50,000 (fourth place)

June 23:

Morning Express – 76,000 (third place)

New Day – 66,000 (fourth place)

June 24:

Morning Express – 166,000 (second place)

New Day – 69,000 (fourth place)

June 25:

Morning Express – 120,000 (second place)

New Day – 78,000 (third place)

June 26:

Morning Express – 120,000 (second place)

New Day – 41,000 (fourth place)

So… Morning Express with Robin Meade got second place twelve times in eighteen days; MXP got third three times; MXP got fourth three times.

New Day with Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan, and Michaela Pereira got second three times; New Day got third five times; and New Day got fourth ten times.

So, hey.  Maybe I’m wrong…  Maybe they should just gut the entire New Day team and bring over HLN’s Morning Express – they’re certainly doing better in the demo!

(All ratings come from TvByTheNumbers)

3 replies

  1. Heck, I enjoy Christi and Victor better than the weekday New Day anchors. Kate is better doing Washington politics, Chris, I REALLY like a lot. He would be better doing a legal/political opinion type show. Michaela is good, but she is hardly on.

    If HLN folds, I’d give Robin the New Day spot, move Carol Costello to weekends and have Christi and Victor anchor 2 hours of Newsroom. Take away the 1 hour of “Wolf” and give it to Kate, and I’d replace Wolf on “The Situation Room” and give that time slot to Chris.

    I think it is finally time for CNN to axe Wolf, I know he is well respected and a CNN original, but he known as being boring… I mean, they even poke fun at him on SNL for being boring… his ratings are not good. Why keep him around? Time for him to retire.

    Zucker said he was going to make changes, instead of moving all the anchors to NYC giving up their biggest and most visually appealing studio… cut some of the dead weight and build on some of the personalities that are more likable and put them on shows that fit their personalities and strong suits.

    But we have to remember. Zucker is the same man that put Jay Leno in prime time, that delivered the lowest ratings in NBC prime time in their history and was an embarrassment to Zucker, NBC, Leno and Conan. So… I’m not expecting good things out of Zucker.

    CNN has gone down hill ever since Time Warner took over… I wish Ted Turner was in better health. BRING BACK THE TED! LOL

    My rant is over. hahaha

  2. “Maybe they should just gut the entire New Day team and bring over HLN’s Morning Express – they’re certainly doing better in the demo!”

    Considering the ratings, that would be a fantastic idea! Obviously the current team isn’t cutting it or even attracting the viewers.

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