Reliable Sources guest host… Jeff Toobin

That’s right. This Sunday, senior legal analyst (not media analyst) Jeffrey Toobin will be subbing for Brian Stelter. Normally, I don’t make a special post for a guest host; I just note it in my daily anchor substitution blog post. However, I found this significant.

20140627-223140-81100530.jpgI like Jeffrey. However, he isn’t really equipped to do a show like CNN’s Reliable Sources, in my opinion. We will see, however… It may be good!

When I asked him if he would be live Sunday, he replied, “(It will be) taped.” Which is a shame… I thought there may be a chance that with a different host, it could be live. Guess not.

H/t Dorsey Shaw

2 replies

  1. I’m really not amused with all the guest hosting and such Toobin has been doing. I know a lot of people like him, but I however, am not one one of them.

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