HLN Friday Schedule Changes

Starting today, every HLN primetime show (JVM, Nancy Grace, and Dr. Drew on Call) is officially airing only on Monday-Thursday. Up until this point, HLN had a live show at 7pm, and at 8pm, there was a taped Nancy Grace Mysteries. (On Call was already only four days a week). From now on, however, Forensic Files will begin airing at 5pm on Fridays (so when HLN Now: On the Case ends) and continue on until 7am Saturday morning when Weekend Express starts.

An HLN spokesperson said of the change, “This is a new schedule change, beginning today. HLN’s Friday programming block of Forensic Files episodes starts at 5pm ET beginning June 27th, pre-empting Jane Velez-Mitchell on Fridays only.”

When asked about Nancy Grace Mysteries (that airs at 8pm on Fridays), the spokesperson said, “I’m guessing that it will move to another part of the schedule but I need to check with our programming (department) on that.”

When I get a response on Nancy Grace Mysteries, I’ll be sure to update it. (As a side point… I don’t know where NGM would end up; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just simply discontinued)

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