Studio 7 is now HLN’s

Come August 1, Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello will no longer anchor CNN Newsroom from CNN Center in Atlanta. Instead, they will be in New York City. That leaves their beautiful, massive studio vacant.

Per FTVLive:

HLN (will get) the new, just opened, state-of-the-art Studio 7.

CNN will get HLN’s former and much smaller studio (…)

An HLN spokesperson said to me earlier, “(FTVLive) was correct regarding studio space; (the) workspace currently remains as is.”


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  1. Studio 7 is one of the best studios in TV News IMO. I hope CNN NYC updates their NYC set now that Carol and Brooke are moving there.

    Also, Christi, Victor, Fredricka, and Sanjay are all still going to be based in the CNN Center. I hope they still use Studio 7.

    • Well, that will probably remain to be seen. Presumably, with HLN getting Studio 7, that means Christi/Victor, Fred and Sanjay are probably going to no longer broadcast from there, but I suppose it doesn’t necessarily mean that.

      There are a few ways this could go. HLN could just get Studio 7 on the weekdays, and CNN could still use it on the weekends (which I find unlikely). OR Weekend Express with Lynn Berry tapes her broadcast in Studio 7 (since it isn’t a live newscast), and Victor and Christi anchor New Day Weekend from Studio HLN. Then, Fred could anchor from Studio 7 for CNN Newsroom (since WXP is on tape and not live). The other option (and this one may be more likely) is that Studio 7 will be completely HLN’s – weekdays and weekends, and CNN will operate their weekend shows completely from Studio HLN.

      If Christi and Victor anchor from Studio HLN instead of Studio 7, I sincerely hope CNN invests in a new desk. The awkward desk-thing Robin uses isn’t my favorite, and it certainly isn’t designed for two people to anchor from it. Furthermore, the desk that Jennifer Westhoven does her Your Money segment from (which is also the desk Lynn Berry uses primarily for Weekend Express news headlines) isn’t very nice.

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