Richard Roth’s new role

Supposedly, Richard Roth is CNN’s senior international correspondent covering the United Nations. But if you have been watching CNN for, say, the past two months (give or take), you may be confused. One thing is for sure: Richard Roth has really embraced the #GoThere saying that CNN has made their de facto slogan.

He was CNN’s go-to reporter on the horse California Chrome and the Triple Crown for quite some time, and recently, he’s gotten the “promotion” to covering pubs for the World Cup. He was in a pub last weekend, and today, he was in NYC covering the fans’ reaction to the USA losing (but still going on). To me, he seems like a very sarcastic man, and I’m frankly surprised CNN sends him out on these kinds of assignments (and he’s made it clear, candidly, that he isn’t too keen on them, if you listen to his side commentary during his reports).

Today, he was on with Brooke Baldwin, interviewing a USA fan. A few other people approached him, yelling noisily, and Richard Roth very calmly stepped away from the person he was interviewing to shove the probably drunken heckler away. It was, to say the least… must-see TV.

When he concluded his interview, he said a little irritably, “You’ll be here (for the next game)… I’m not sure if I want to be here (for it).”

I think I may have found myself a new favorite CNNer… and it’s their supposed United Nations correspondent. Poor fella. At least he’s embracing (albeit unwillingly) the #GoThere.

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