News Breaks – Nancy’s on CNN

Last night, on Nancy Grace’s show, she was interviewing the father of Charlie Bothuell when she informed him that his son was actually found alive, in his basement. It was quite a bizarre interview – I actually rewound it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything (and I didn’t… it was just that strange!). Today, Nancy Grace is talking with the dad again on her show at 8pm.

But it was reported, about ten minutes or so into Erin Burnett Outfront and on Jane Velez-Mitchell that Charlie’s stepmother had been arrested. Where was the HLN star? Not on with Jane – the moment both CNN and HLN began running with the notion of the stepmother being arrested, Erin was speaking with Nancy over a phone call. That’s right… she was on CNN, not on her own network of HLN, to discuss the details of the stepmother’s arrest.

One of my twitter followers pointed this out: 20140626-193940-70780513.jpg
This is somewhat of a side note, but Nancy Grace’s show is taped in advance. I wonder if it will end up being live with the news of the stepmother’s arrest, or if HLN will just play the tape, as if nothing happened.

UPDATE (8:02pm ET) — Instead of going live or taping a new segment, HLN just ran an updated chyron at the bottom of the screen.

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