Unguarded with Rachel Nichols goes on hiatus

Unguarded, which airs on Fridays at 10:30, is taking a break. The show will resume July 18. The show has taken breaks in the past, when Rachel is busy on other assignments (usually non-CNN related. In addition to anchoring Unguarded for CNN, she works as a sideline reporter for the NBA).

I asked her why the hiatus. Her response was a valid reason for a break.


She continued, putting out her plan for the show, moving forward:

When I asked her why they didn’t get a guest host (like every other show on CNN and probably every other network), she said it wouldn’t work. 20140621-183917-67157416.jpg

I don’t know about that. It works for every other show. And CNN International has a large roster of sports anchors (and CNN and HLN have a few of their own, too), so it isn’t like CNN would need to enlist some complete outsider to host the show. To be fair, though… Rachel’s awesome, so if they want her to just take a break and the show be on hiatus, I guess that works.

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