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CNNMoney with Christine Romans changes… Again!?

This will be the third broadcast of CNNMoney (under its new name) with Christine Romans, and they're already making a change... though it's a slight one. From now on, CNNMoney will instead air from 2:30-3, as opposed to 2-2:30. Source:

At first, I could think of no advantage for them changing times (though I could think of plenty disadvantages, such as they could certainly confuse their casual watchers). But then I thought about CNNMoney’s new time slot, and what I blogged about yesterday. With Smerconish moving to 6pm, whoever ends up replacing Don Lemon will have a crappy shift, with only 4-4:30 and then 5-6. But what if Fredricka Whitfield signs off of CNN Newsroom at 2:30 when Christine Romans starts? I have no evidence to back this up, but I imagine that may be the reason for the time change. That will give Fred three and a half hours (11-2:30) on Saturdays. And that would give Don’s replacement 3-4:30 and then 5-6, which is two and a half hours (so therefore, an extra hour).

We’ll see!


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