New Day Marks 1-Year Anniversary

New Day has had many problems (in the ratings, in their chemistry, in their hosts actually showing up to work [that was directed at Michaela]), but it has made it one year without any major changes made.

I doubt that will remain the case for long, but

hey. They made it.


So, Happy Birthday! May big changes be coming soon.

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  1. I like Chris, but feel he is better suited for a show like Don Lemon’s, and feel Kate is better suited for a show like “Newsroom.” Michaela Pereira is great, when she shows up.

    • We agree, then! Yes, I strongly think Chris Cuomo (and John Berman, especially) deserve to be in late evening/early primetime instead of their morning slots. I don’t know where Kate belongs, to be honest… I just hope she doesn’t return to New Day when she goes on her maternity leave. They need to try out a few strong female anchors during her absence and get someone who will stick and send Kate back to Washington, maybe. I liked her very well when she was with Wolf. They could maybe give her Wolf’s 1pm hour to herself, so it wouldn’t appear she was demoted (but it would be a demotion, no doubt about it).

      As for Michaela, I agree. She’s excellent. The thing is, since New Day and At This Hour have started, she’s missed a ton of shows, which makes me wonder if she will remain in NYC with CNN, or if she is angling for a return to KTLA, the LA morning show she was apart of. And if she were to stay with CNN, then she needs to be on the air often, not taking a week off every third week or something. She’s not been with CNN but a year – how could she have that much leave time, anyway?…

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