HLN Now: On The Case Won’t Be Axed

With the news of Vinnie Politan leaving HLN , I wondered the fate of his show, HLN Now: On The Case. Many shows have gotten canceled because their hosts move on, and a new show fills the void. I hoped that wouldn’t be the case, and according to an email exchange between myself and an HLN public relations worker, the show is safe.

Yet it seems On The Case will be adopting a rotation (a thing that CNN enjoys doing, too) until the right person sticks. I’m not a fan of that whatsoever. If you’re not confident the person you have on air can carry the show and do well, they shouldn’t be on air to begin with. Find someone and make them permanent.

Now for my speculation as to his replacement…

Joey Jackson is certainly my number on choice. He has filled in for Vinnie a lot lately, and he is a HLN legal analyst. He’s great — he’s personable, he’s funny, and he’s also serious and analytical when the occasion warrants it. He would have my recommendation. (If he even wants the job, that is…)

Ashleigh Banfield would be another person (albeit very unlikely) to host the show. She isn’t likely to relocate to Atlanta, so if she were to the host the show, it would almost certainly be from New York City. I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave CNN — she’s great, but unless CNN is going to give her a slot later in the day (say, 6 or 7pm), she is unlikely to fit in terribly well. The only problem with naming her host of On The Case is she isn’t an attorney, but instead a reporter, whereas Vinnie was a former prosecutor.

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