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The End of HLN As We Know it? : My thoughts

This is written in response to The end of HLN as we know it. I agree with most of what was written, but I'd just like to give a few of my own thoughts.

[...] what happens to certain HLN news talent? I’m thinking specifically of Robin Meade. This could force the issue, long speculated about by everyone and long favorited by FTVLive, of moving Meade over to CNN for mornings. I have never been a big proponent of such a move because I think Meade would be a bad fit for what CNN does in the mornings. But if Vice gets HLN, I have to believe Meade is CNN bound. Zucker would not want to let her go. Everyone connected with New Day should be concerned. Very concerned. You all may have just been put on a clock.

Robin Meade is a gold mine. I don’t think anyone disputes that. Her show receives very little promotion (as far as I can tell), but she still manages to do well in the demo against the other morning shows (though she’s never come close to beating Fox & Friends). She does excellent things for HLN. Would she transition well over at CNN? Probably not.

CNN does hard news for the most part. There isn’t much giggling and aren’t many jokes made on CNN’s New Day (a little, but nothing like on Morning Express), so a transition to CNN for her would be awkward. I don’t think what Robin does on HLN is an act; that’s simply who she is. So it would be hard, in my opinion, for her to be forced to turn into a calm CNN morning news host.

At the same time, I agree with the quoted part (“Zucker would not want to let her go”) because she is good, and if he let her go, it would be a major mistake on his part. But then again, he’s made so many, so who knows what’ll he do…

If she were to make the move to CNN, what would that mean for her HLN show? Would they all come too, and just switch channels? Or would she just be installed as Chris Cuomo’s cohost and replace Kate Bolduan? If that were the case, I don’t see that going over terribly well. Robin has done her show for years as its sole host (with an ensemble cast of correspondents, true, but still), and if she were brought in as Chris’s sidekick, I don’t see her liking that. At the same time, I don’t see Chris liking her as a cohost. Sure, she’s beautiful and funny, but she’s not exactly the serious type of news anchor. There is also the possibility that if she were added on as Chris’s cohost, he could do every hard news story and interview, and she could just sit at the table and giggle and do the lighter stories. But the likelihood of anyone being pleased in that situation is slim-to-none.

For that reason, I hope the deal doesn’t go through. Or if it does, I pray CNN manages to swipe up all of HLN’s talent. I would be very disappointed to no longer see Christi Paul hosting New Day Weekend, for example, and to no longer see Susan Hendricks presenting the 360 Bulletin on Anderson Cooper 360.

But… Who knows? We’ll see.

(Disclaimer: I am a huge Morning Express fan; I’ll usually watch twenty or thirty minutes of New Day and then at the top of the hour, switch over and watch Robin for an hour)


8 Comments on The End of HLN As We Know it? : My thoughts

  1. You say you watch Robin every morning, and you say she cannot do hard news? Umm well isn’t her show hard news? She does harder news earlier in the morning and as the morning goes on the stories get lighter, but hard news is still mixed in. Robin would be a perfect fit for new day.. In a previous post you said she had no political background. She does the headlines. She doesn’t offer her opinion on that. She just reads it as it is. Her format is COMPLETELY different than new day. She does headlines. Rolling news. New Day does headlines, yes but they’re more in depth. You also say she gets flustered. She’s not flustered. She’s VERY good at what she does, she laughs is off and keeps things going. Her personality is PERFECT for hard news or soft news. I feel your post towards her was VERY biased and just wanted you to know there’s always two sides to a story.

    • First of all, thanks for commenting.

      I think we will have to agree to disagree on this. Morning Express is soft news; is there really anything wrong with that? Not particularly. I didn’t mean it as a slap in the face… just an observation, if not even a fact. New Day, on the other hand, is hard news. Analysis, headlines, the whole shebang!

      I just don’t think she will be a good fit for New Day in its current format, and she is too good to play second fiddle to Chris Cuomo (and vice-versa, to be fair).

      I sincerely apologize if it comes off as biased against her; she’s great at what she does. But is what she does what CNN does? In my opinion, no.

      • It’s been reported that Robin Meade (as well as Nancy Grace and Christi Paul) made Zucker and Hect aware that she wants to remain Atlanta based. Her husband is there and works there, and because of it’s proximity to Nashville she can focus on her country music career.

        Because of this, if HLN does become VICE, I think Robin would be great on CNN weekends. It would allow her to do country music and TV on the weekends. They can cut “New Day” an hour (make it 2), and instead of having Christi/Victor anchoring an hour of “Newsroom” just give Robin 2 hours of Morning Express (or even 3). I’d also like to see all her “team” come with her, she has a good rapport with them.

        I also think if HLN goes away, just take their anchors and put them on the weekends on CNN. I think Robin, Vinnie, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and Jane would boost ratings for CNN if added to their weekend lineup. People hate on Nancy Grace, but there is no doubt she has a fan base.

        CNN can be hard news during the week, and have their weekends more focused on lighter news and crime/entertainment like HLN specializes in. Of course if there is breaking news on the weekends, they can always be preempted.

        I mean Whitfield anchors like 4 hours on the weekends, and they keep substituting people for Don’s spot. Just bring the HLN’ers and put them on weekends. Because IMO Randi Kaye is a GREAT and an exceptional reporter, just not very good as an anchor.

  2. I certainly agree with you about Randi, as I have blogged about previously. She does great things for AC360, but anchoring just isn’t one of her strong points.

    As for bringing over the HLN news team to do CNN weekends, I suppose it could work – but they have been doing five days a week (four days in Dr. Drew’s case), and then you expect them to content themselves with just two days? For example, Robin is simply too good for just two days on the weekends.

  3. Allan it might be something Robin wants, so she can focus more on her music? She is absent a lot on her show, and Nancy Grace and Jane are getting up there in age (not trying to be offensive) but they may welcome weekends. It’s much better than not having a show at all. I mean, I doubt MSNBC or Fox would hire Nancy Grace, Jane, or Dr. Drew since they’re not very political.

    • I’ll agree with you on that; so far, Robin rarely anchors more than three days a week, with her music and whatever else she may be doing.

  4. I also could see CNN cutting an hour of New Day, and Carol Costello and giving Robin Meade a 2 hour show on weekdays.

    • That would be interesting. If they were to do something similar to that, I’d rather see they just get rid of Carol altogether and give Robin her time slot. Carol (and Fredricka, on the weekends) are the weakest links for CNN.

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