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With Bill Weir being done with CNN Tonight (for the time being, anyway [which in my opinion means permanently]) to tape some series for CNN, I presume Don Lemon will soon be named the host of CNN Tonight.  He may just anchor the show as the de-facto host, but I hope he is announced as the permanent host soon.  There is a slim chance CNN Tonight will still do its rotating cast of hosts, as originally announced, but considering two weeks have come and gone and only Don has anchored, I find that to be unlikely.

So, what does that mean for Don’s CNN Newsroom weekend block?  It has been well over a month (maybe closer to two months) since Don has hosted his show, and that means that sooner or later, a permanent weekend host will be announced.  Who will it be?CNN has a lot of talented people based in NYC who could flawlessly anchor the show.  Among them, however, is not Randi Kaye.  She has anchored frequently during Don’s hiatus, unfortunately.  I enjoy her reporting for AC360, but she simply isn’t much of an anchor.  If they were to name her the anchor, it would be just asking for another problem.  She hosted CNN weekend mornings and eventually left to focus on AC360 – and thankfully!  She didn’t do very well and was difficult to watch.  Reading directly from the prompter, she was fine.  But any time she needed to interact with her cohost (Victor Blackwell) or a guest, she was simply awkward.  And I don’t want to see that again, this time in the evenings.

Probably three or four months ago, Rosa Flores was subbing frequently for Don Lemon when he was absent; since then, though, she hasn’t subbed at all.  I would really enjoy seeing her get the gig; she is a great reporter and seems to handle all situations very well.  Another person who I would love to see anchor the show is Jim Sciutto – but regretfully, seeing as he is one of the DC bureau’s correspondents, I don’t see him commuting to NYC every Saturday and Sunday long-term; doing it when you’re subbing is one thing, but doing it for a permanent period of time is another.

Miguel Marquez is another person who I would love to see anchor.  He came recently to NYC from the LA bureau.  Making the jump is good for him – after all, the LA bureau has a handful of CNN reporters, but most of them are underutilized and don’t get a lot of camera time.  But in NYC, he will be at the de facto hub of CNN, which certainly couldn’t hurt his career.  Recently, he subbed for Don, and he did very well.  Since he is new to NYC, I think it would be nice if he were given to Don’s show.

Basically, I’d be happy with just about anyone getting CNN Newsroom (but Randi; no offense, Randi).  The only thing I thing is absolutely important is that they name someone soon.  I’m tired of hearing “I’m _______ in for Don Lemon” – because Don isn’t sick or on vacation; he isn’t coming back.

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    • That would be an interesting choice. However, the Newsroom block that Don hosted was in NYC, and I doubt they would move that timeslot back to Atlanta… So if that were to happen, I imagine Kyra would need to relocate to NYC.

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