Brooke Baldwin Re-locates to NYC

Well, big surprise (I’m kidding, of course)… Brooke Baldwin is moving from Atlanta to New York City!  And since our lovely morning New Day host, Kate Bolduan, will be leaving for maternity leave soon… Well, I imagine we’ll see Kate as her substitute.  (And maybe her replacement?)

And then there’s her 2-4 block of CNN Newsroom.  Will she remain the host, just from NYC?  It’s completely possible.  It’s also possible that she will relinquish her CNN Newsroom duty and rotate on CNN Tonight.  (It wouldn’t be the first time she was in [late] primetime; she did host, during Erin Burnett’s maternity leave, In Case You Missed It, which was a recap of the day in news).


And, food for thought… Brooke and Carol are the only weekday CNN anchors in Atlanta.  The past month, Carol Costello has anchored from Washington, DC, and New York City both.  It’s altogether possible she, too, will be relocating somewhere, and CNN will drop Atlanta from its weekday schedule.

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  1. I like the Atlanta studio better than the rest. Why don’t they utilize it more? It’s more visually appealing in my opinion.

    I also don’t like all the anchors in NYC. Wish they would add more shows that are Live from Atlanta (which financially makes sense, because it is cheaper to put together shows in Georgia than it is in NYC.)

    Also, that’s what set CNN apart from all the other networks that have their anchors in NYC… that CNN anchors were Live in Atlanta.

    • I am inclined to agree that the Atlanta studios are nicer. That being said, they are utilized a lot on the weekends (which probably will end up changing, too). Simply put, the guests are overwhelmingly either in NYC or DC – not in Atlanta. From the perspective of having in-house guests, moving the shows to NYC and DC from a strategic point simply makes sense.

      As for the financial aspect, I believe a lot of the NYC-anchored shows are still produced out of Atlanta.

      • You’re right, I think the daytime shows are all produced out of Atlanta, except the Lead and The Situation Room.

        I just think the NYC studio they use in the daytime is bland looking, they need to update it if they are going to have the majority of their talent broadcast from there.

        But it’s a waste not using the CNN Center in Atlanta, the place is HUGE. In NYC all they have is one floor in the Time Warner building.

        A couple of years ago they spent a lot of money updating their Atlanta studios, now to only have 1 show during the weekdays.

        I also notice that John and Michaela host “At this Hour” from Atlanta time to time. Do you think they may make the move to Atlanta?

      • It’s altogether possible they will move to Atlanta, but I don’t think it is particularly likely. John Berman is a rising star at CNN (in my humble opinion) and Michaela isn’t going anywhere, either. If they were moved to Atlanta, they would be taken out of the “de facto” center of CNN, which is no longer CNN Center in Atlanta, but in NYC. I don’t think they’re moving anywhere, but I do find it to be interesting that they have made two rounds (two days at a time) to Atlanta to host the show, though. Definitely something to watch out for.

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