Who Will Sub for Kate Bolduan?

Kate Bolduan, of CNN’s New Day, is pregnant.  That means, for approximately a month and a half (give or take), Bolduan will be away from the show with her newborn child (who I believe was said to be a girl).  Who will anchor in her spot during her maternity leave?


  • Michaela Pereira is a choice.  She is, after all, the New Day newsreader, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to pull her over from the side of the table and sit her comfortably by Chris Cuomo and bring Early Start’s John Berman over to fill in for her.  I don’t, however, favor this option.  Keep Michaela as the news anchor.
  • Christi Paul is an option I’d favor.  She is the New Day Weekend co-host, so she will be familiar to New Day viewers.  She’s also charismatic and I think she may do well alongside Chris.  She is, however, based in Atlanta.
  • Brooke Baldwin, of course, would be another real possibility.  She subbed for Kate for a week (a few months ago) and did very well.  Like Christi, she also is in Atlanta.
  • Christine Romans is an in-house possibility, being based in New York.  She is the host of Early Start (which could prove problematic to move from CNN’s Communication Center and then go to New Day’s set), but if at the end of Early Start, they throw to a package, or if they have Berman just sign off by himself, it should give her enough time to get from one set to the next.
  • Rachel Nichols is not a terribly like candidate (probably highly unlikely), but I have lately become impressed with her.  I understand she has her roots in sports, but why not pair her with Chris – if only for a few weeks, during Kate’s maternity leave?  Again… Not altogether likely. But…

I just think the take-away is I want something different.  Someone new (at least, to hosting New Day) – that means I don’t particularly want Michaela to become the temporary host and for John Berman to become the news anchor.  I like them both; I want, however, someone new to enter the mix and shake something up.  Christi Paul would certainly shake things up; Brooke Baldwin would, too – and Rachel Nichols definitely would change some things (and surprise some people, too!).

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