CNN Atlanta in CNN New York Today

I haven’t seen any official press release to indicate why that they would all be in New York today, but I presume they were all there to talk with CNN management.  Remember, Jeff Zucker has often been interviewed and has said he would like to see the majority of CNN’s news talent in New York.  But Saturday weekend hours (from 6am New Day, all the way to 4pm), when programming goes to New York City with Don Lemon, originate primarily from Atlanta.  (Note: Yes, I know Smerconish and Your Money airs too, and they’re from NYC, but for the most part… All of Saturday is Atlanta).  However, Zucker wants that to change.

Today, Carol Costello anchored her CNN Newsroom from the NYC CNN Money news desk today.  And although her CNN Atlanta studio is much more spacious, I enjoyed her anchoring from NYC much more, for a few reasons.  First of all, in Atlanta, she rarely has any in-studio guests.  Most of CNN’s guests and correspondents are either based in NYC or DC, so having shows originate from NYC or DC would simply make sense.

Brooke Baldwin was also in New York City today, but she didn’t anchor her own show.  (So I imagine the interview with management [if that is truly who they were meeting with] must have been at that time).

It only makes sense for CNN NYC to be the headquarters of CNN’s news, going forward.

In NYC today… Carol Costello, Brooke Baldwin, Fredricka Whitfield, and Christi Paul.  Yes, that’s right… Corporate sibiling HLN correspondent Christi Paul was included in the meeting.  That’s pretty significant, if you ask me.  Yes, she’s the co-anchor of New Day Weekend, but I think her presence there may indicate a growing role at CNN – could she be leaving HLN and taking on a larger role, and maybe subbing during the weekday?  (One thing about her is I’ve seen tweets indicating she has young children; unless she has no choice and is forced to move, I don’t see her very willingly moving her family from Atlanta to NYC… But who knows).

If you want to see a picture of the group of mostly-Atlanta hosts in NYC today, then here you go:

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