Special Report with Don Lemon at 10pm

While there has been no public announcement indicating this, I think the CNN Special Report with Don Lemon will become a permanent placeholder at 10pm (until CNN Tonight takes over this summer).  Lately, it has become a rolling hour of news, as opposed to just focusing on MH370 (although, on CNN.com, the show’s description says it is about the latest on the search for Malaysia Flight 370).  It still touches on 370, of course, but it is more or less a branded hour of CNN Newsroom.

Why do I think this show will permanently reside at 10pm until this summer?

On Monday, the Twitter account that used to be called “The Don Lemon Show” changed its Twitter handle to “CNNSpecReport”.  Now, obviously that isn’t that big of a deal.  But if they didn’t intend to make the show (temporarily) permanent (until summer), why would they bother changing the Twitter handle?  For the show’s “name” on Twitter, it says “Don Lemon at 10pm” – nothing which would indicate the show will be going away any time soon.

And nor should it.  Yes, the Mh370 fixation is getting old.  But having Don Lemon on in late primetime is a gold mine.  He is an excellent news anchor and a very thoughtful commentator.  I may not agree with most of his views, but I think that leaving him in late primetime will be a good idea for CNN.  Plus… more live shows are better than having repeats of AC360.

(Mildly off-topic, but remember: Erin Burnett hasn’t had a repeat over night since the MH370 coverage  started [and I think before that, but not positive] – will her repeat return?  I say… no.  A bit dated, but read my old blogpost for my thoughts on this – it can be found here).

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