Legal View w/ Ashleigh Banfield and ?

I’ve noticed that Ashleigh Banfield has a large number of “haters”; I’d like to take this opportunity to say I am not among them.  I think she’s a good legal commentator and a decent host.  But she’s one of those people who would be better with a cohost (preferably, one who is actually an attorney, since she isn’t… and it is called Legal View).

So, what are my suggestions?

First of all, CNN has plenty of lawyers who could easily cohost Legal View with her.  (I obviously don’t know if some CNN reporter has their law degree if they haven’t mentioned it on air before, but off the top of my head… I’m going to point out some obvious possibilities who are in the NYC bureau).

  • Chris Cuomo.  An obvious choice; he is a morning show host and he’s an attorney, and on his show, New Day, he’s often giving legal commentary.  (To be fair… Staying for the conclusion of Legal View at 1pm may be a little late in the day for his work hours.  But I’m not sure when he comes in to work or anything, so it may not be too much of a stretch to assign him as Banfield’s co-host).
  • Sunny Hostin.  If you remember correctly (and, since it only aired once, you may not remember at all), she was the cohost of Making the Case.  And she’s in New York City.  She’s a former prosecutor… So why not pair her with Banfield, and since her show Making the Case appears to have been shelved, give her the noon slot?
  • Jean Casarez.  She works at CNN as its only legal correspondent.  (So one would think she would be the principal sub when Banfield was absent, right? Hehe… No).  And she’s an attorney.  She’s also one of CNN New York’s most under-utilized reporters.  She would be another fine cohost for Legal View.
  • Joey Jackson.  To be clear, I don’t know if he actually lives in New York City or not.  (If he doesn’t… Then this may not be a feasible option, unless he’s open to moving).  He is a contributor to HLN’s On The Case with Vinnie Politan, and he has filled in for him before.  He’s also an attorney and has appeared on Legal View numerous times, both on set and from Atlanta.

There are other people I’m probably overlooking.  The main point, though… Ashleigh needs a co-host.  HLN Now: On the Case with Vinnie Politan is great, and Legal View pairs in comparison.  (On the Case airs live from noon-2pm, with a repeat of some of the show from 2-3pm; Legal View airs live from noon-1pm.  So for an hour, they are time-slot competitors).

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