Don Lemon Doesn’t Get His Show After All

If you remember, when Piers Morgan signed off, for four weeks, there would be four trial shows at 9pm.  First was Smerconish’s go at it; next was Tapper’s turn; the third week was Weir’s; and the fourth week should have been Lemon’s.  But we are now in the fourth week, and guess what?… It’s Weir, not Lemon.

Now, to be fair, for about seven weeks, Don Lemon has worked Monday-Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, hosting shows nonstop about MH370.  And this week, he will continue to host his “CNN Special Report” on MH370, at either 10pm or 11pm (depending on the day and the day’s programming).  So one could make an argument that although he was cheated of his 9pm trial run, he is still doing very well and is certainly gaining a higher profile at CNN.


There’s also his short-lived (and quickly replaced) The Don Lemon Show, which was supposed to have lasted for five weeks, airing exclusively on Mondays.  (Making the Case was also supposed to air on Mondays at 10:30… and after its premiere, it, too, was preempted for the CNN Special Report in the ten o’clock hour, hosted by Don.  No word on the fate of Making the Case as of yet).  Both of the two shows (Hostin and Geragos’ show and Lemon’s) trial run has expired.  However, for Sunny and Mark, they didn’t get a fair chance to “make their case” to the viewers.  Don, however, certainly “made his case” with his hour-long CNN Special.

So, although Don is still doing his 10 (or 11) pm special… He was cut out of his 9pm trial, and CNN Tonight with Bill Weir was given a second week.  (And who knows?  Maybe he’ll host CNN Tonight uninterrupted until it moves to 10pm during the summer and goes to a rotating host format).

One thing’s for sure… The less Weir we have on CNN, the happier I’ll be.

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