Didn’t Work Before… Maybe it will now?

The answer is an easy one: it won’t.

If you remember correctly, last summer, when New Day Weekend had a rotating cast of hosts (although, probably 75% of the time, Victor Blackwell was one of the hosts), Alison Kosik was paired with Victor Blackwell for a few weekends.  And she didn’t do well.  I’m not trying to be malicious – I think Alison is a wonderful reporter.  However, she has proven she has no real capability of producing meaningful, morning dialogue, so CNN should just stick to that and keep her as a business correspondent.

Before I say more… No, I don’t get up at 4am (or 5am, or 6am for that matter…), so I haven’t seen how Alison is doing on Early Start this week.  However, if it is anything like last summer, it is probably awful.  She and Victor Blackwell had no real chemistry last summer, and she was a horrible host.  So why (on Monday) was she paired with him, and on Tuesday with normal host John Berman?  (She’s been subbing for Christine Romans).

It didn’t work before (obviously [otherwise, she’d be the New Day Weekend co-host, instead of HLN’s Christi Paul]), so why would it work now… weekdays, as opposed to weekends?

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