New HLN Programming

Today, HLN announced a lot of new shows that are forthcoming.  Some are interesting (in a good way… and in a bad way).  Some, flat out, don’t belong on HLN.

The list is as follows:


  • The Daily Share – a nightly news and information show.  It’s said to be an hour long.  And since HLN has publicly said there will be no more shows being axed, it will either go from 5-6pm ET or 6-7 pm ET.  No word has been released on when the show will start or who will host it.  Presumably, it will be a new HLN hire… otherwise, they should know who’s hosting it.
  • 2 Houses, 3 Spouses
  • America’s Most Liked
  • What’s Trending
  • Wkly M@shup with Chuey Martinez
  • Natural Born Mixer with Alex Ott
  • Web Mysteries
  • News or Not
  • The Social Life
  • Beyond the Like
  • Trip Traders

Read more on TVBytheNumbers and Politico

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