Making The Case … Yup, You Made Your Case

Let me begin with a brief disclaimer: I think the show and its premise was good.  Having it on a Monday at 10:30, well – that’s another story.  With all that being said…

Making the Case has been noticeably absent since its first episode (which was 3/10/14).  Making the Case and The Don Lemon Show were both scheduled to go for five weeks – and by a quick count in my head, this Monday should have been the end of the two show’s trials.  Needless to say, either they are extending the show’s trial period, getting rid of it, or re-locating it.

But obviously CNN wasn’t impressed with the case that Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos made.  Think about it.  For thirty minutes on a Monday, CNN could have discussed the legalities of MH370 – instead, they had Don Lemon and his panel of experts and then the so-called expert, Richard Quest, speculating.  Instead… Well, they had Don.  If that doesn’t speak volumes to you – it should.

I think Making the Case would do well on a Saturday or a Sunday in the evening – maybe at 8 or 9, a little bit after CNN Newsroom ends.  That way, it could even be an hour long, and have a longer form discussion, as opposed to just thirty minutes, as it was originally scheduled to be on Mondays.

When I tweeted a comment to Sunny about it, this was her response:


The way I see it, “something” could mean another show, another time… Something.  Because this Monday was the scheduled end date of the five week trial.

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