Zain Asher is on Morning Express’s Set

Since Jennifer Westhoven started her maternity leave from HLN’s Morning Express, for the most part, Maribel Aber has been her primary fill-in.  She works for CNN Newsource as a business correspondent, reporting for various CNN affiliates in the local media.  She is live from the NASDAQ set.  Yet for the past few days, Zain Asher has filled in instead for Jennifer Westhoven – and she was in Atlanta with the MXP team.

Occasionally, when Zain filled in, she just did the Your Money segment from the New York City bureau.  It doesn’t make sense to me why all of a sudden, now Zain is on set with them in Atlanta.

Plus… Jennifer is set to return at the end of April.  Why wait until the end of her maternity leave to bring a fill-in on set, as opposed to reporting at the NASDAQ (in  Maribel’s case) or from the NYC bureau (in Zain’s case originally).

Regardless of why, it’s always nice for the entire MXP team to be on set together.  If Zain is to continue to fill in for Jennifer, then I hope she stays in Atlanta until Jennifer returns from her maternity leave in a few weeks.

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