CNN is Returning to Normal

Slowly, but surely – CNN is returning to normal.  Less “Flight 370” – it’s still there, of course, and still covered.  But, as of now anyway, there aren’t any scheduled CNNi simulcasts for CNN/US viewers tonight.  In fact, at 10:30, for the first time in quite a few weeks, Rachel Nichols’ Unguarded returns.  Before that, there is an abbreviated live Special Report with Don Lemon, from 10-10:30.

It’s a shame, really.  Now that the interest of MH370 is lessening, CNN is going back to its norm.  You must ask yourself: was the normal something they should go back to?  And the answer is an obvious no.  By Monday, I expect Crossfire, Making the Case, and The Don Lemon Show all to be back at its normal time.  And for the other days?  Well… Live news will end after 10pm and start again at 5am (no more 4am Early Start).

It’s ridiculous to think that CNN can’t continue simulcasting CNN International over night.  Nobody wants taped news in the morning.  To be fair, I am very seldom up at those ungodly hours anyway, but certainly some people are awake, and so it only makes sense to always simulcast CNNi when they are live and CNN is not.

There is one good thing about CNN returning to the norm, though: there won’t be as much Richard Quest any more.  If you were just a casual watcher of CNN for the past month, you would think he would be next in line to get a show on CNN.  (And I sincerely hope that is not the case [which it isn’t] and he stays on CNN International, where he belongs).

So what does that mean?  It means CNN is going back to its formula before that wasn’t working then… so why will it now?

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