The Lead Next Week… Not the Lead?

It is more or less confirmed now that Jake Tapper will be hosting at 9pm next week, since the departure of Piers Morgan.  (Reminder: This week will be hosted by Michael Smerconish).  But… Is it possible the show will not be called The Lead at 9pm?  I mean, as I blogged about earlier, it would make sense for it to have a different title for a few reasons.  First of all… At 9pm, what is it ‘leading’ into?  Bedtime?

I asked Jake the following on Twitter this evening:


Because, after all… I wanted to know.  And, it wouldn’t really make sense to use the same format (World Lead, National Lead, Buried Lead, etc) as the 4pm edition.  His response, to be fair, was evasive and hardly definitive, but…


Again, hardly a definitive “Yes, it will be a different title” (although already my Dish TV guide has it listed as The Lead with Jake Tapper at 4pm) or “Yes, it will be a different format”.  However, it gives hope.  (And me something to speculate about).  Should more information be revealed tonight on this matter, I’ll be sure to make the necessary edits.

Until then…


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