AC360 Bulletin Presenters

Ever since Isha Sesay left Anderson Cooper 360 as the primary presenter of the 360 Bulletin, the presenters have been on a rotating basis.  For some people, a constant rotation is an okay thing.  For me, however, I prefer consistency.  (For example: I hated when New Day Weekend didn’t have permanent anchors and were on a constant rotation, with completely random people filling in [and likely auditioning] for the slot).  The 360 Bulletin isn’t as long (obviously) as New Day Weekend, so a rotating person isn’t as bad.  But still… Why not get someone with whom Anderson has excellent chemistry, and pair them together permanently?

Being the Bulletin presenter is hardly a fulltime position.  I mean, it is at most like, what-  three minutes?  (Two minutes may be more accurate…).  So, having a full-time CNN correspondent also doing the 360 Bulletin shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Last night, Brianna Keilar did the AC360 Bulletin for the first time since I can remember (and according to some other people, for the first time ever, which confirms what I suspected).  Brianna is a fine anchor and a reporter; better still, she seemed to have excellent chemistry with Anderson Cooper.  She was laughing about his performance on Jeopardy!, and just seemed like a pair who were genuinely liking each other.  (As opposed to the initial faked chemistry that Cuomo and Bolduan pretended to have for the first two months of New Day before it turned to clear loathing).  I know she is CNN’s senior political correspondent, and the primary fill-in on The Situation Room.  Still, though, she could probably do the 360 Bulletin, even while covering the campaigns.  (But, I confess, it would be difficult).

Susan Hendricks often presents the 360 Bulletin, and she does well.  She has chemistry with Anderson, too – but nothing as positive as Brianna.  Regardless, she does well, and any time there is a HLN/CNN crossover, I’m happy.

The point?  Name a permanent 360 presenter.

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