Anchor the Weekend, Sub on the Week

If you anchor a show (either on CNN or HLN) during the weekend, and the weekday host is off during the week, in my opinion, it makes sense to have them fill in weekdays.  Think about it: the viewers are already used to them on the weekends, so seeing them subbing weekdays wouldn’t be something that’s too surprising, and it would be a face and a personality you’re used to seeing hosting.

Most specifically, I’m referring to New Day.  It would make sense to fly Victor Blackwell and/or Christi Paul to New York from Atlanta during the week if one of the main anchors are scheduled to be absent.  (After all, CNN does like flying people to other bureaus, even if for only one day, to anchor a show).

I mean, we’re used to them on the weekend.  If Kate is going to be out, or if Chris is going to be out, or Michaela is going to be out, it would make sense to have one of them substitute.  Yes, I understand John Berman is favored on the CNN Morning ship (and understandably so) and that he will almost certainly continue to serve in his primary sub capacity.  But, say two of the New Day team are absent (therefore only leaving one of the normal three) it would be sensible to let Berman fill in – and then either fly Victor or Christi.

The same goes for Morning Express.  When Robin Meade is absent, it is usually either Susan Hendricks or Christi Paul who fills in.  Who anchors Weekend Express?  Ah, right.  Lynn Berry.  So why not have her fill in on Morning Express?  It’s not that Christi or Susan are bad anchors (after all, I just recommended Christi fly to NYC to anchor New Day weekdays when someone is ill or on vacation) – it’s just that they aren’t the weekday or weekend anchors of the HLN morning show… So why not get the sub to be the person who is?


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