Erin Burnett OutFront… At least, Out

As a result of the “new” temporary evening/late night schedule, Erin Burnett Outfront has noticeably lost its repeat.  (No complaints from me, mind; EBO needs to go, and so do repeats).  But it’s amusing.  If you think about it, Anderson is pulling insane hours on some nights.  Just this week, he was live from 11-1am.  Of course, I’m aware Erin is a new mother, so she may not be willing to stay later and do a live newscast – but is that really very likely?  I say no: they didn’t ask (or tell) her to stay later and do a live newscast because they simply don’t WANT her.

At the beginning of Jeff Zucker’s tenure, he threw Erin Burnett a bone – go co-anchor New Day with Chris Cuomo.  And as everyone knows, that clearly didn’t happen.  In fact, she was vehemently opposed to the idea, clutching onto her “pre-primetime” show, refusing to let it go.

And, is the queen finally being punished for refusing her masters?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Erin is an alright anchor.  Is she pre-primetime material, a good lead-in for Anderson?  Not at all.  She either should do Erin Burnett Outfront live at 11pm, or simply not at all.  7pm needs to go to someone else.

But anyway: she has lost her repeat.  Instead, CNN is airing either a live AC360, or the Special Report with Don Lemon.  Let that sink in: a weekend nighttime anchor is replacing the supposed pre-primetime anchor’s repeat.  (Yes, Don is being tested at 10-10:30 on Mondays… But Lord, he’s been on almost nonstop for three weeks, weekdays and weekends).

Could Erin be on the way out?  Surely, she can’t be too happy with her present situation.  Heck, even Piers Morgan (that’s right – the man who is in his last week at CNN hosting his 9pm show) has a scheduled repeat.  But Erin?  Nope… No repeat for her.

Erin Burnett, out.

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