Don Lemon: Face of CNN Weekdays and Weekends

Is Don Lemon the new face of CNN?  It is, of course, an over-exaggeration… somewhat.  It’s no secret Don Lemon pulls lots of hours at CNN; he is the normally-scheduled host of CNN Newsroom Saturday from 4-7, and Sunday from 5-7:30.  But let’s look back.

When Brooke Baldwin subbed on New Day for a week, Don Lemon anchored CNN Newsroom 2-4m for her.  That same week, he did his weekend show (so Saturday and Sunday) for an extended period of time because of missing Malaysian flight 370.   Then, Monday, he was on for CNN’s special report – preempting both his The Don Lemon Show and Making the Case – and continued to be on for the entire week (except Thursday, I believe, where Anderson did a special at 11 after Chicagoland at 10), and he was on CNN yesterday.

Presumably, he will be on again tonight, since there is a scheduled CNN special report at 10pm.  And he will almost certainly be on tomorrow for either an additional CNN special report, or for The Don Lemon Show.  (Mainly depending on if CNN is weaning itself of the 370 story [which, at this point, is unlikely]).  It’s also worth noting it is very possible Making the Case will be preempted again (its second broadcast was preempted yesterday).  If that does happen and Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos are shoved out of the schedule tomorrow, I wonder if CNN will extend their trial period (since they would have lost two shows) or simply keep to their scheduled programming and only give them their set time.  (5 weeks, I think?).

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