“Promote” Kate Bolduan and Make Changes to New Day

Why not “promote” Kate Bolduan?  She has done well enough the past few days reporting in the field.  Great.  So give her that position permanently: Kate Bolduan, New Day field anchor.  But there’s a twist… She’ll only be on New Day for the 8-9 hour (its last hour).  You may be thinking, that’s an obvious demotion.  Not necessarily, however.  If CNN plays their cards correctly, they can transform New Day completely – and for the better.  If Kate Bolduan could “come into work” later than what she does now, say, an hour or two before her 8am newscast, she could plausibly stay later.  Make her the CNN morning field anchor – showcase her prominently on 8am New Day, of course, and give her segments on Newsroom with Carol Costello, along with At This Hour with John Berman and Michaela Pereira… (And maybe even Wolf at 1 – not sure how many hours reporters actually work).

And cancel Early Start while you’re at it.

Morning Express has a good formula.  If New Day went with it (and tinkered it, of course), I think it could go well for them. First, as I said, get rid of Early Start. New Day can start at 5 am and go till 9am.  New Day at 5am will be hosted by Chris Cuomo and John Berman, with newsreader Michaela Pereira, business anchor Christine Romans, and weather anchor Indra Petersons. (Sounds familiar, right?  Robin Meade, anchor; Jennifer Westhoven, business anchor; and Bob Van Dillen, weather anchor).  Morning Express is a good morning newscast – but it puts too much emphasis on the sports and weather section.  I think if New Day does 85% news and interviews, and 10% business, and 5% weather, it will make for a nice combination.

This will run from 5-8am.  (If there is breaking news in the field where Kate is reporting, then obviously she can be brought in earlier).  From 8-9am, most of the show will be out in the field with Kate, where she will be interviewing local community leaders, experts, pundits, other reporters – whatever, depending on whatever situation it is, and what that situation warrants.  Before anyone says, there won’t always be big news… I disagree.  There will always be a big story somewhere in the US – even if it is a political story.  Michaela Pereira will be on hand in the New Day studio in case anything happens; every fifteen minutes, Kate will throw it back to the studio for a check of the headlines, which Michaela will handle.  At the bottom of the hour, (8:30), Christine Romans will do a quick bit on business news, and then Kate will continue anchoring.

I think this could be a good thing for a few reasons: Morning Express is good.  It is too much fluff, of course, but if New Day can CNN-ize the formula, I think it will improve things drastically.  Christine is great; showcase her, but not only Early Start.  CNN wants to make New Day its brand, so just make it the only morning show CNN has.

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