Why ICYMI Should Return Permanently

In Case You Missed It, which aired at 11:30-midnight for a few weeks at the end of last year during Erin Burnett’s maternity leave, was hosted by Brooke Baldwin.  The show and the premise was spectacular.  Other than a minor hiccup (where Brooke and Jake Tapper rehearsed a segment, and when the show was played, the producers didn’t edit the re-start of the interview), the show went over very well and was a good idea.  Most people don’t have time to watch CNN from 5am in the morning to 10pm in the evening.  But with ICYMI, you could see the biggest stories of the day and know what you missed and be updated on the day’s stories.

Thus, I think it should return.  Me, for example: I have a class Monday-Friday from 9:20-10:52, and then classes all day on Tuesday and Thursday from noon till seven.  Obviously, my time is incredibly limited on those two days.  But if CNN had ICYMI, I could easily catch up on what I missed, and go to bed knowing all of the biggest stories of the day.

So why not bring it back, CNN?

Now, naturally, it would be nice if Brooke Baldwin could host it again.  But if it were to return permanently, I don’t see her doing both CNN Newsroom and ICYMI – and it would be a waste to have Brooke just do a taped recap of the day’s stories.  So, I think CNN needs to get a reporter who hasn’t been given a show and give them ICYMI.  (Of course, there is always the option of getting Kate Bolduan off of New Day [finally] and giving her this show as her consolation prize).

I think it should air from 11-midnight ET.  It was okay when it was only a half an hour, but it felt rushed.  With an hour, it can properly give you the biggest stories of the day.  Also, I think there should be a live news bulletin cut-in; maybe at 11:15 and 11:45, there could be a two- or three-minute read of the headlines making news now, and then the newsreader could throw the show back to the taped segment.  It would be nice, in my opinion, if the new ICYMI had two hosts: the actual ICYMI host, who introduces each segment, and then a newsreader, who reads the live headlines making news at that hour.

The ICYMI host should always be the same; but the newsreader could just be whoever was still in the bureau at that hour.  Of course, consistency would be nice, but if CNN didn’t want to really dedicate one person to reading the headlines permanently, just having a rotating reader would do just as well.

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