HLN Now: This Morning 10-12

As I’ve blogged about previously, I think HLN needs to have a live newscast from 10-12 am EST, as opposed to a repeat of Morning Express from the earlier hours.  As HLN showed today, yes, if big news happen, they will preempt the taped news and carry it live.  But is that really enough?  I don’t see why HLN can’t have live news – they won’t have to worry about preempting anything if they’re already live.

Personally, I think the title “HLN Now” is weird.  But HLN renamed their show “News Now” and changed it to “HLN Now,” so obviously they want that in their title, so I went with it.  Why not call their 10-12 am EST edition “HLN Now: This Morning” – and be live? They could even go by the Morning Express with Robin Meade title, but that would be a little deceiving, since that block wouldn’t be with her at all.

I get that Monday and Tuesday are Christi Paul’s days off (or so she’s tweeted, anyway), since she works weekends for CNN’s New Day.  I don’t know when Lynn Berry has off (though she is on HLN Weekend Express), or Susan Hendricks, but so long as Susan has weekends off, I think she would be a good primary host of HLN Now: This Morning.

If Jennifer Westhoven, Bob Van Dillen, and whichever Bleach Report guy will be delivering that segment are busy or can’t come back on for this 10-12 block, HLN Now: This Morning could simply play that segment from Morning Express.  It wouldn’t be ideal, but as long as the news headlines are live, a few taped segments for the show wouldn’t be that horrible.

Another thought would be to have a separate HLN Now: This Morning team altogether.  Maybe:

  • PJ (Pedram Javaheri) as weather anchor. He is the primary sub for Bob Van Dillen, so being on HLN Now: This Morning wouldn’t be a shock to viewers.
  • Zain Asher as financial anchor.  She has filled in some for Jennifer Westhoven from New York.  It’d be nice if she were in studio, but I don’t know of any business reporter who is based in Atlanta.
  • Random Bleacher Report presenter.  HLN has had so many who present this segment recently, I’m not really even sure who the “permanent” presenter is.
  • Susan Hendricks as the host of HLN Now: This Morning; primary substitute Christi Paul.

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