HLN & CNN Building Collapse Coverage

I’m not sure when CNN or HLN started covering the building collapse – I got home from class at 11, turned my TV on, and then started watching their coverage.  Either way, I saw tweets indicating Chris Cuomo was anchoring breaking coverage before that (so presumably, he took over from Carol Costello during her newscast), and then he and Michaela Pereira anchored At This Hour, with John Berman, Don Lemon, and Poppy Harlow reporting from the scene of the collapse.

I thought their coverage was pretty good.  They had some of their “bigger” name morning anchors there, after all – not just some unknown reporter that CNN occasionally uses when a story breaks before they can get their bigger-named correspondents on the scene.   (Of course, it did happen in New York, which certainly helped get the bigger name NY correspondents to the scene).  Ashleigh Banfield also hosted Legal View from the scene of the explosion at the noon hour.

That CNN covered this wasn’t really a surprise.  That HLN preempted the taped block of Morning Express, however, was something of a surprise.

Sometimes, when “breaking news” occurred on CNN, I’d switch to HLN, mainly just to see who was anchoring (since Robin signs off from Morning Express at 10 and goes to do a radio show) and on the occasions I looked, HLN didn’t preempt the taped block of Morning Express.  But today, when I checked, I was happy to hear Christi Paul’s voice (since they were showing images of the incident and not the anchor).  To reiterate, I started watching their coverage at 11 EST, and for the better part of it, she was anchoring alone.  When they came back from a commercial break, probably around 11:30-11:45, Mike Galanos (host of HLN Now) was co-anchoring with Christi Paul.  Not sure if he was anchoring before that point or not, but for the parts I saw previous to that, she was anchoring solo.

Either way… The point is: I’m happy they both covered the event, live.  And I think they both did fairly well.

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