Monday Late Primetime

I think The Don Lemon show went well.  It was similar to a standard Newsroom show, but it had something of a twist – it was mainly a “panel” of experts and reporters, talking and arguing with Don Lemon.  I think it can be successful in a more permanent manner.  Don is a good host, and is evident, and his first booking was decent.  Definitely a show worth watching in the late night.

Making the Case was enjoyable, surprisingly.  I don’t like Mark Geragos – he’s a strange man and usually pretty condescending when he analyzes things on Anderson Cooper 360.  However, he did well enough and it made for a good show.  Sunny Hostin did well, also.

I was pretty happy to see CNN utilizing their legal correspondent, Jean Casarez, who is rarely used.

I’m curious as to what studio CNN used for Making the Case.  The anchor desk they used look like half of the NYC studio (for at This Hour and Legal View) and the color scheme looked similar to HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell.  I did really like the colors and the desk, though.

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