One Show, Two Subs

I like speculating.  (Thus this blog).  Lately, when a CNN anchor has a two-hour show, as most of them do, two people have been filling in – one per hour.  Could CNN be moving away from the one anchor having two hours, and intend to split the hours up, moving forward, between two people?  I think it is a likely possibility.

Examples of this would be:

  • Newsroom with Carol Costello (Last week: Tapper took an hour, Blitzer took an hour, Phillips did news bulletins, Cooper had an hour).  Point is… Normally, she does the two hour show by herself.  When she had a substitute, they took one hour, and then handed it off to another sub.
  • Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin (Last week: Brianna Keilar did the first block, and then Anderson Cooper did the second; today, Jim Sciutto did the first block, and Kyra Phillips is doing the second block).
  • The Situation Room (It has been a while, and I’m sure they’re not going to cut apart this show, but if Wolf is gone, sometimes Jim Acosta gets an hour, Joe Johns gets an hour, or Jake Tapper, et cetera).

Maybe CNN just doesn’t think some people can hold a show for two hours, and some can.  (But I doubt this is likely the reasoning, because personally, Carol Costello cannot carry a show for two hours, whereas Brooke Baldwin can).

Either way… Is this an indicator that CNN is moving to one hour long shows, like MSNBC, and like some of FOX shows?


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