Political Anchor on Morning Express

As you probably have caught on by now, I really like Morning Express – the only show worth watching consistently on HLN (though On The Case is good; it just depends on the case they’re covering and on my level of interest on that case).  But I also REALLY like hearing about political stories.  Sure, Robin covers them (barely) as needed, but that really isn’t satisfactory. Business news is covered relatively thoroughly by Jennifer Westhoven (though since her maternity leave, it has been Maribel Aber, who has been doing alright but nothing spectacular) and the weather is covered very thoroughly by weather anchor Bob Van Dillen(too thoroughly, if you ask me…).  There is someone from Bleacher Report who offers the sports headlines, too.  And of course, Robin handles the headlines.  Everything on HLN is covered well – except politics.  Why not?  It’s the only thing that is left out on Morning Express.

And it doesn’t make any sense.  HLN and CNN are owned by the same people; they have constant crossovers.  As I mentioned in Morning Express with Christi Paul (a blog post where I made the argument HLN needs to have a live show from 10-12 EST as opposed to a repeat of the earlier hours of Morning Express), live news is important.  News itself is important. Thus, it only makes sense for HLN to tap into CNN’s resources and get themselves a political anchor.  Now, ideally, it would be nice to get someone who is based in Atlanta.  I like the Morning Express feel – all of the members of the crew are in studio (Meade, Van Dillen and Westhoven and whichever reporter from the Bleacher Report is on duty for Morning Express that day).

Unfortunately, a lot of the “political” reporters from CNN obviously aren’t in CNN Center but probably in Washington, DC.  Either way, it would be nice if they would move someone to Atlanta and put them in-studio with the Morning Express team and install them as the political anchor.

One person I had in mind was Tory Dunnan.  She is, as far as I know, still listed as a political correspondent for CNN Newsource, but on CNN weekends, she is often reporting live from Washington for CNN.  The past week or so, however, she has been reporting from CNN Center in Atlanta.  If she is going to be based there now, it would be nice if she were installed as the political anchor on Morning Express.  What does HLN have to lose by adding another segment?  Heck, it would probably attract more viewers from the sinking New Day ship.  (After all, the only reason I watch New Day a little each day is to get my political news, since Morning Express doesn’t really offer it).

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