Notice Who Didn’t Get A Trial?

Did you notice who CNN didn’t drop a trial-run show to?  That’s right… CNN’s co-host of New Day, Kate Bolduan.  If you think about that, it doesn’t make any sense.  Numerous reports say Chris wants Kate gone, and just as many reports say Jeff Zucker has been looking for places to put her.  And even if Chris didn’t want her gone necessarily – the hatred between the duo is evident.  One of them needs to go!

And either one of them would do well in late primetime.  (Particularly Chris Cuomo, because he could do the “talking head” host more than Kate, but I don’t see CNN moving Chris). 

So why do you think CNN missed a good way to get rid of Kate from New Day?  Having her anchor a late-night newscast would be a way for her to keep her stature (for the most part) and get rid of her and maybe fix the sinking New Day ship.  The only problem would be the formula that Zucker is working off of right now for the new trial-run shows; both The Don Lemon Show and Making the Case are only on Mondays.  I don’t see that looking very good for her and she would certainly lose her stature if she went from doing three hours in the morning to a half an hour (or even an hour) once every seven days.

But if CNN can give her a permanent daily show, I think the problem can be remedied.  Heck, they could even give her an 11pm show, (thus moving the Ac360 newscast that is scheduled to be there starting Monday back until midnight), and have it not mess up anything but their repeats of primetime.

Either way… I think it is telling Kate Bolduan doesn’t have a temp show coming up.  It means a few things: Either CNN isn’t going to do anything about their failing morning show, or maybe Kate may get a huge demotion – and either leaving CNN or maybe return to her lowly post as Congressional Correspondent.  Even if she went back and co-hosted The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, it would still be a massive downgrade.

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