So, Who’s Incompetent?

Somebody at CNN is incompetent; I think that’s an undeniable fact.  CNN has been running short-lived, temporary programs to “test the waters” – The 11th Hour w/ Don Lemon, In Case You Missed it w/ Brooke Baldwin… and now, The Don Lemon Show and Making the Case with Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos.  That’s right – Don Lemon has had two experimental shows in the past three months (give or take).

So that brings up the level of competency (or more accurately, incompetency) with the CNN management.  He’s had two experimental shows.  Who hasn’t been paying attention?  I don’t know the exact format of The Don Lemon Show.  The 11th Hour, however, was more or less a news/commentary show.  If I had to guess, this show will be the same format (roughly).  Why would CNN executives and producers go through the same thing again?  They’ve seen what he can do and the viewers he brings in/keeps away from when he subbed on Erin Burnett Outfront, when he hosted the 11th Hour, and when he hosted/and is hosting CNN Newsroom weekend.

Another thing: what’s Don Lemon doing?  He should be upset.  He’s a social commentator, and sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t.  But the point is… He’s a high-profile CNNer, regardless if you like him or hate him.  So why is he allowing himself to be thrown around – repeatedly?

CNN either needs to give Don Lemon a weekday primetime show or quit experimenting.

That being said… I wish Don Lemon the best and I personally hope he is awarded the time slot permanently.  I also hope that CNN expands it into a daily show, as opposed to on Mondays.  (If that were to happen, it would be after the trial period expired and after CNN’s “Chicagoland” show finished airing, because it is in that time period on Thursdays).

In his current role as the host of The Don Lemon Show (since it is only on Mondays), I assume he will continue hosting CNN Newsroom in the evenings.  If he doesn’t, I’ll be interested to see who CNN has sub for him – and I think whoever it is will be very telling on the direction CNN wants to take on the weekends.  (After all, CNN weekends is basically CNN African-American time.  I’m not being racist or anything… It’s just the truth.  There is no white “Newsroom” anchor after Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell sign off [and Victor is black].  Again… Nothing wrong with that, just a little odd that CNN doesn’t have any black journalists on during the week, but weekends are dominated by them: Blackwell, Whitfield, and Lemon).


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