HLN Primetime Shouting Matches

People watch newscasts/opinion-casts to get the news or hear people offer their views.  They don’t watch them to see who can yell the loudest.  But if you watched HLN, you would think it was just a competition to see who could yell and be the most obnoxious.  Unfortunately, it is a real turn-off.

At 7pm, I’m usually busy and don’t often have the time to watch the news.  But when I do, I occasionally watch Jane Velez-Mitchell (because Erin Burnett Outfront is awful and needs to be axed).  Unfortunately, the times I have watched JVM, it is nothing but the guests screaming over top of each other.  Surprisingly, today Jane asked them to be quiet and speak one at a time, but it really didn’t do much to quiet the guests down any (if at all..).  I think in evening HLN primetime, Jane Velez Mitchell is probably the best show they have.  (My late afternoon and evening newscasts are on CNN predominantly; I only watch HLN in the mornings, usually).  If HLN wants to get more viewers, I think they need to calm their panelists down.

Yes, people watch for bickering and sensationalism and stuff.  But I’d rather they take turns talking.  They can argue and sometimes one person can talk over another to argue with them, but if the entire panel is arguing and speaking over the other person, it really takes away from the discussion and the program.

Nancy Grace is like that too – except she usually instigates it.  (I watch AC360, so I can’t say if it is always like this, but the times I watch NG, it is always yelling and usually encouraged by Nancy herself).

To be honest, I’m not even sure why Dr. Drew has a show… But regardless, his panel is just as bad, too.  They argue and scream over each other.

CNN’s panels may disagree and argue, but they don’t all talk over each other at the exact same time.  At no other timeslot on HLN except primetime does this happen.  They need to fix it desperately.

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