At This Hour on a Tight Budget

Now, I’m just kidding.  I’ve read nothing to indicate they’re on a tight budget.  But if you watched the past few days, you wouldn’t know.  When Michaela Pereira was traveling to LA to cover the Red Carpet, they didn’t have a co-host.  Monday, she was still at LA, and she *kind of* co-hosted from the Red Carpet.  (But they had Ukraine news, so that’s fair).  Tuesday and evidently today – Wednesday – there will be no substitute co-anchor.

It’s ridiculous, if you ask me.  CNN doesn’t do enough multiple anchor-shows in the day.  Off the top of my head, I can only think of two, which is the early morning (Early Start) and then the morning show (New Day), that has more than one anchor.  (Not counting Crossfire, as it isn’t really a news show).  And here’s a show that is supposed to have a multiple host format.  So why don’t they? It doesn’t really make sense, if you ask me.  Now, it isn’t because I don’t like John Berman.  As I’ve stated elsewhere on the blog, I think he’ll eventually be given a primetime slot.  However, just because I like him doesn’t mean I don’t like the At This Hour format with two hosts.  If Early Start or New Day had a host missing, they immediately find a substitute.  (Like today, for example… Pereira was absent on New Day and Berman filled in).  Why can’t the same be said for At This Hour?

I’m not saying bring a reporter from another bureau to fill in.  New York has plenty of reporters who I’m sure could fill in and do an adequate job.  For example, if there is no one else… why not Christine Romans?  (Note: I don’t have CNN International, so whether or not she does live reporting for them during this time, I couldn’t say).  She is Berman’s co-host on Early Start and they have great chemistry.

Or they could even pick a younger correspondent and “groom” them to eventually host their own show by filling in for Michaela.

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