CNN Jumps to Red Carpet from Ukraine

I saw this post (from FTVLive) earlier today.  When I was watching CNN last night, I noticed that they had a Red Carpet special, hosted by Piers Morgan.  I wasn’t really surprised when Jim Sciutto was forced to interrupt “Spider” and regretfully inform him that it was the end of his broadcast and that CNN was going to a new program.

And… Why shouldn’t they? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like how CNN cuts out their news earlier on the weekends and either goes to tape, or in this case, a live entertainment special.  But at the same time, CNN executives had no reason to extend Newsroom and Jim Sciutto.  The news he had reported as breaking news he had been dissecting for probably fifteen minutes without any new tidbits.  There wasn’t really any reason to cut Piers off to continue the news in which nothing had changed.

I firmly believe if something substantive had happened, CNN would have done one of two things: 1) either broken into the Red Carpet coverage, or 2) had Piers Morgan discuss it from the Red Carpet.  The second is highly unlikely, but that just highlights my point… CNN would have done something if the need arouse.  It didn’t, and CNN continued their Red Carpet coverage.

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