New Day’s “The Good Stuff” Ad

Lately, I have been a watcher of HLN’s Morning Express w/ Robin Meade as opposed to New Day, simply because of the awkwardness and animosity between the New Day hosts (namely Kate and Chris).  However, I watched New Day for probably the first six or seven months of its broadcast before switching over to Morning Express.  That being said, I still watch New Day for a few minutes each day when HLN is on a commercial break or when they restart their broadcast with the same stories.

And as people know, New Day likes a particular block called “The Good Stuff”.  It is normally introduced by Chris Cuomo, where he highlights some good that happened recently and then the anchors discuss it and say how they wish more stories were like this. But now, CNN is running a promo directly advertising “The Good Stuff”.  I’m not entirely sure how long the promo has been running.  I noticed it first yesterday and again today; it is possible I may have missed it earlier in the week, but I’m thinking it is a relatively new advertisement.

I’m all in favor of CNN advertising their programs.  (Though coincidentally, the program that has the most problems – New Day – has the most advertisements running on CNN, which I find to be amusing).  However, advertising particular segments is rather unusual… especially when that particular segment usually occurs within the last ten minutes of their three hour show.

And one thing I found odd is that promo showcases only Chris Cuomo.  Neither Kate Bolduan nor Michaela Pereira were in the promo; again, if I recall, every broadcast, Chris brings The Good Stuff.  But the entire team discusses it (sometimes even Indra Petersons, the weather anchor) – so why not show them in the advertisement too?  I don’t even think the New Day promo should be about The Good Stuff… but if that’s what management wants, fine.  But include the entire New Day team!

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