Supposed Official List of 9pm Replacements

Per NY Daily News: It seems CNN has compiled (allegedly, anyway) a rather strange list of possible candidates to host the 9m primetime hour.  Personally, none of the people listed make any sense to me.  One thing that is evident to me is CNN wants to replicate what Piers Morgan had – an interview/chat show.  That is a shame;  I was hoping CNN would gravitate to news at that hour, or at least a panel format where they discuss some sort of headlines. Clearly, though, that is not the case. CNN (Jeff Zucker) doesn’t want to change any formulas.  Instead, he just wants different people to try and do the same thing.  Needless to say, that is a bad idea.

One thing worth noting, though, is Anderson Cooper’s name is on the list.  I saw this tweet below which led to a conversation with this individual.  Obviously, anything is possible.  But do you think this is truly a likely scenario?  I’m inclined to think the answer is no.


I think it is a real possibility Anderson will be going to 9pm.  (Unless Jeff Zucker enacts a plan to have a foods talk show with our resident chef Anthony Bourdain at 9pm, which is on the above list).  If so, I think John Berman will take his spot, as I’ve mentioned numerous times on the blog.


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