Morning Express w/ … Christi Paul

Today and tomorrow (Friday), Christi Paul is scheduled to be filling in for Robin Meade on Morning Express. I’ve watched her on CNN’s New Day Weekends, and she does fantastic, so I was eager to see how she would do filling in for Robin Meade.  (To be completely open: I’ve watched CNN for about three years now and have been watching HLN on and off for about two or so months, so it is possible Christi has filled in for Robin earlier than this instant and I’ve just missed it or didn’t think anything of it).  This morning, she did excellent.  She is everything Robin Meade is and more: she’s pretty, she’s an excellent host, and she is very charismatic.  Unlike Robin Meade, though, Christi acts intelligent too and not just giggly, a role Robin plays pretty well.

From 6-10, Morning Express with Robin Meade is live.  From 10-12, Morning Express is on tape.  (I read somewhere it is because Robin Meade does a radio show at that point; not positive on that point, so don’t quote me).  But the problem is, at no point should news be taped.  News shows should be live.  (I hate how in the evening, after 10 or 11 on some networks, it is repeats.  That is aggravating but understandable; it’s late).  In the morning, though, there is no excuse.

My solution?If Robin Meade needs to do her radio show, then by all means, let her.  But don’t penalize HLN or even West-coast viewers and give them old, taped news.  Instead, get a new anchor for the 10-12 block.  They can still brand it Morning Express, just a different anchor for those last two hours.  And I think it should be Christi Paul.

I know this could be problematic; she’s tweeted previously that her days off are Monday and Tuesday (since she works weekends for CNN).  But maybe Susan Hendricks could cover the last two hours of Morning Express on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays-Fridays, Christi Paul could.  Someone needs to host Morning Express live from 10-12, though.  It’s still early.  There is no excuse for taped segments.

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